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Moses Brothers Ltd. Is seeking foreign Technical Partners with knowledge in the field of research, and manufacturing of Coated Calcium carbonate to join them.

Carbonate to join them. The company want to offer the best quality Coated Calcium Carbonate to the world market on whiteness and toughness, which is, micronized from the best ores in Nigeria. The Calcium Carbonate has whiteness of 98%, purity of 99.5% CaCo3 and processes through modern grinding technology and Uniform coating of Triple Pressed Stearic acid with the world’s best technology.
Any interested party are requested to contact our team stating their experience and business background via email or telephone at pbenneth@csmenik.com or 34 631 634 276

C.S. MENIK SL is the leading International Trade and Investment Company in Spain. We have partnered and delivered on many significant projects across the globe.Our team of international repute are geared to provide the right solution for any project. For further information on conceptual planning or participating in PPP projects and providing contract services in Africa, please contact:
Basil Adimorah
Managing Director
E-mail: info@janchine.com

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