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Bzobox subsidiary is pleased to award Gulf Desert United Overseas Services Ltd and Jachine Nigeria Ltd a sole representive and marketing coordinator for upcoming event in Lagos, Bzobox is therefore, looking forward to the party’s “MOU” signing ceremony and project kick off activities and the opening of our retail center.
Gulf Desert United Overseas Services Ltd, engage in comprehensive range of integrated logistics services which include but not limited to shipping, road transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing and container repairs/delivery services, supply chain integration and providing value added services like transportation and storage, general and bonded warehousing, empty handling amongst others.
Jachine Nigeria Ltd, operate as a support services and logistics, a Human Capital Managers, who strive to add value to their clients’ business by providing unequalled, unique and excellent services to various sectors such as the, Governments, Banks, Insurance Companies, Manufacturing, and Corporate organizations.
The strength of this company lies in their ability to understand what the client wants, and to organize men and resources to consistently meet those needs on a timely manner.
You can contact them at gduos@iname.com or info@jachine.com


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