We place the highest emphasis on truth,

sensitive and professional with all parties involved in the process.

C.S.MENIK SL is committed to providing the best service and the highest standards.

C.S.MENIK SL, shall manage every one of its portfolio as a project on a job to job basis by selection of the team with experience of the work ranges from small supplies/procurement and consultancy services to big projects. The management team shall among other things:

  • Establish effective communication channels with the client’s team.
  • Develop plans and execution procedures to accomplish the work scope within the established timeline and project budget.
  • Provision of early and corrective analysis and progress measurement, in terms of planning and cost control.
  • Provision of essential information to management teams for timely projection decision making, to this end, the management teams’ deals effectively with statutory requirements and needs of the various Local and National Government authorities and associations.

Our services in practice complement each other and represent our main focus of business. They are

socio-economically oriented and available to our customers.


We choose the best practices in our operations for long term gain.

Support Services

Implementing total quality service to meet the vast and complex, and constantly evolving business trade and support services.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of quality and service to our clients, whilst at the same time maintaining a friendly and personal service on which our company is based.

C.S.M will continue its services with connecting producer countries to commodity consumer countries and managing relationships by providing structured expertise on both sides of any trade.