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The benefits of BzoBox

BzoBox is an online service that puts together clients, designers/architects, and materials manufacturers and allows them to work together at a mutual benefit. It is a new way of finding the best solutions online, thus saving time and money that each of the parties would have to spend in order to find suitable partners. Instead of running from place to place, attending long meetings with potential clients, trying to get in touch with the market, one can do it all in one place with minimum effort. Nevertheless, it is not enough to just say that BzoBox saves time and money, let us go a bit deeper into this topic and see what this amazing service has to offer.

End-user benefits – Construction has never been easier

Looking for cheap, quality solutions for a construction project is an adventure. You need to find the best designer, cheap materials and put them all at work so that your project could be finished on time with a satisfactory price-quality ratio. This usually means meeting various designers, looking into each solution, trying to put it all in line with your budget and all this takes a whole lot of time. If you are racing with a deadline, time is one of the most important assets that you have and wasting it does not do you good. Eventually, if you get close enough to your deadline you will have to move fast and perhaps choose an option that does not work that well with your plans.

With BzoBox all you have to do is present your project, wait for the best solutions and pick one which really works for you. You will have it all at once. Entire project, all the way from 3D model to required materials, and you get to choose which one works for you. This way, you save days and up to 36% of money that you would spend if you were looking outside the BzoBox.

Designers/architects – Finding clients has never been easier

The benefits of BzoBox in the designers’ area are substantial. First of all, you have the power and freedom to choose the projects you like and put your creative skills to work. Instead of taking jobs because you have to, work on those projects that you find inspiring. With time, and enough good work behind you, you can build yourself a reputation and get constant workflow. You could also place some of the work on your profile so anyone who finds it interesting could download it for a fee that goes straight into your pocket. Moreover, the best thing about BzoBox service-you get to do it all from the comfort of your home.

Material manufacturers – expand your market influence.

Construction materials market is vast and difficult to compete. Unless you are willing to spend a fortune on marketing and branding, it is not easy to reach new clients. Collaborating with BzoBox could make all the difference you needed in order to achieve higher revenue. Manufacturers that decide to offer their materials through BzoBox are looking into a completely new market and the opportunity to scale their business to a higher level. More than that, this service represents the opportunity for new partnerships that could lead to a successful future in a long-term perspective.
With all this in mind, it is easy to see why BzoBox is the next best thing in construction business. It does not favor any side, and allows all the parties to progress and profit.

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