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European explorers

Earliest European Settlers

As the time went by, Africa kept its role as Europe’s golden goose, sharing the wealth it stored inside itself with the entire world. All these riches gave the Europeans means to travel further and seek new opportunities, leaving the generous African continent to itself. However, the Europeans didn’t leave without making their mark in this region. Many African states changed forever with European languages, culture and knowledge. One would say that even though large European businesses drained Africa’s wealth, they also laid a foundation for much more. All that lacked was someone to invest in further development of the entire continent.

This period of loneliness for Africa lasted for almost a century, until a new economic power was born and started its own exploration of the world, searching for new markets and investment opportunities. This new power is a country that stayed in the shadows for a long time and kept to itself, until it decided to go out and spread their influence across the globe. You already guessed that the economic power we’re talking about is China. Since the European market is not too open for Chinese investments, the Chinese government was looking for the next best thing. They needed a training ground, rather say, a market that closely resembles EU market, with similar culture, language and habits. For the last twenty years, China became known as one of the largest investors in Africa. Their influence in construction, telecommunications and infrastructure development is beyond reach. Even though China is still new to overseas investment, they plan to increase investment in Africa up to 100 billion US dollars by 2020. The governments of African nations are more than happy with anyone showing such a significant interest in their market and are willing to help the investors by any means necessary. As the events unfold, we can expect that, after the large-scale investments are completed, medium and small businesses are going to take over the market and thrive.

European expedition to the African continent

CSM took years of experience to charter a map and plot a course for a new European expedition to the African continent. As any other expedition, our primary concern is safety and the benefit of our expedition team. That’s why we use our large network of local businesses and consultants to help us while we explore the beauties of this exiting African market. Chinese “colonists” should not monopolize such a vibrant market with Europeans keeping their hands in pockets and watching. There are more than enough chances for western investors to step in and take part in African continent. South Africa and Nigeria is one of the fastest growing economies in that region, with so many young people looking for new homes and chances to work. Many of them were educated in the West and find Europe as a natural partner. Countries like Angola, Ghana and others that are not able to build themselves on their own are looking for someone to jump in and help them out to scale faster.

We invite you to take on a journey that will change your views forever. Explore African continent with us, and leave your mark as one of the companies that had courage, vision, and a will to succeed just as the first European explorers and merchants did centuries ago. Reclaim Africa with us in 2018!.


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